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The Master Tattoo Institute is pleased to welcome experienced and qualified tattoo artists who are interested in becoming instructors in our comprehensive training program. Simply contact us using the contact form and let us know in the comments.

Graduate Job Placement

Job placement and/or Tattoo apprenticeships are available after graduation through our sponsor "Salvation Tattoo Lounge. Tattooing has changed, and Salvation Tattoo is leading the way. Their dedication to perfecting the tattoo experience will never end. Their highly personalized service, combined with authentic, elegant surroundings of the highest quality, embodies an atmosphere for those who know and appreciate the best. Salvation Tattoo’s deeply instilled culture personified by their employees, continues to get stronger. For over more than 10 years, Salvation Tattoo has built an unrivaled depth of reliability, trust and connection with their clients - a connection they will uphold, now and always.





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MTI is proudly approved by the Florida Department of Health for BBP Certification Classes.