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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Like a Real School?

Yes, the curriculum is written by professional teachers with nearly 40 years teaching experience. Authenticated and strictly guided by several tattoo artists with a combined 50 years in the tattoo industry. It is very much like a school with an extremely high regard for best teaching practice.

What are the advantages of learning in a school versus a traditional apprenticeship?

We have a ton of respect for traditional apprenticeships and how you had to earn the right to become a tattoo artist through sacrifice and dedication. We absolutely don't think that should change. While there are artists who value the priciples of truly teaching and passing down what they know, there are many more who not only are reluctant to show anyone how this great art is done, but are down right shutting the door on it. The need for skilled artists is growing, and the days of sitting in a shop for 2 years cleaning and hoping to learn something new has become an uninteresting and unaffordable process. The landscape is changing and clients today are demanding a more educated and professional artist with standards that surpass old school practices. A real education has become an absolute demand in this growing industry with standards on the highest level. Finally this industry will get the respect it deserves when a true education is offered and regulated for all tattoo artists in the trade.

Will There be Job Placement Opportunities Available With Your Company?

Master Tattoo Institute does offer job placement assistance after your graduation and license is obtained. Our goal is for every student to either have the opportunity to grow with us. We do not however guarantee job placement.

How do you compare your training program to some of the other 2 week schools that are out there?

Given that the average apprenticeship lasts anywhere from 1-2 years in length, we feel that condensing the training into 2-3 weeks is somewhat questionable and maybe a bit disrespectful to the industry and the trade. When you think of what there is to learn ranging from the history and traditions of tattoing, to understanding the human skin, safe & sterilized environment and practices, building and tuning a tattoo machine, the art of shading, outlining, color theory and color mixing. Honestly, the list goes on (refer to our curriculum outline) but again, not only do we feel that in a 2 week course you aren't being taught those things, we feel they might be getting ignored. When starting a new career, it's important to learn everything you have to learn the right way and completely to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

Do I need to have an artistic background to be a good tattoo artist?

You don't necessarily have to be a good artist to be a good tattoo artist. We absolutely believe that having artistic talent will give you a great advantage when creating your custom artwork design for your client. Or help you with the execution of your tattoo, which is obviously extremely important. But not having the ability to create a masterpiece, doesn't mean you can't have a prosperous career in the trade. Tattooing today is not all about picture perfect portraits and gorgeous landscapes. In fact, the majority of clients today who want tattoos are often requesting basic designs like names, lettering, and simple shapes with basic outlines and color. Now that's when an artistically talented artist can turn a clients basic design into that artistic masterpiece you've been dying to create. Either way, there is an absolute need for both types in this industry.

Will tattoo equipment be provided?

Yes, we will provide everything you need to tattoo and you will own it when you leave.

Do you need to have a high school diploma to attend the Tattoo Institute?

No, and for those who couldn't finish high school for reasons out of your control, we sympathize and welcome you. For those who did not finish due to behavioral, or carelessness, please be informed that we will not tolerate disruptive students. Respect the people who come here to learn. For most, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Please do not consider this program if your interest is anything less than fulfilling a dream and seeing this through to the end.

What is the minimum age required to attend the Tattoo Institute?

The minimum age requirement is 18 to attend the Master Tattoo Institute.

After graduation, will I need to continue an apprenticeship, or will I be ready to tattoo?

This is a question of responsible tattooing. You should understand exactly what you are doing before you attempt to tattoo on a live person on your own. At MTI we prepare you with all the necessary skills needed to tattoo on your own after you graduate. That being said, continuing an apprenticeship after completion of the program only means that you will have continued supervision as you go. This will only help you advance your career faster and we strongly recommend it.

Will I be tattooing on real people?

The last 4 weeks of our 12 week program enables students to tattoo on real people. This is only under strict circumstances and instructor led. Students must pass through rigorous evaluation before attempting. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to tattoo outside of your training before it is complete.

Will I be licensed when I finish with the tattoo training?

Licensing in issued on a state-to-state or county-to-county basis that is generally regulated by your local government. It is important for you to check with your local health department or county clerks office for details. All students will receive certification from MTI upon the successful completion of the program.

Do you help me build my portfolio?

Yes, building your portfolio is one of the most important things we do and we strongly recommend that you understanding that this is the most important tool you will use is gaining your clients trust and respect.

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